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So back to you. Yeah! You. …Who are you?!? 

If you’’re still here, hopefully you are a casual easy-going wedding couple. You love to laugh, aren’t afraid to cry. You are full of emotion – even silly.

You are family centered.

You prefer quality over quantity. You prefer simplicity vs. busy. You may have a tasteful bit of elegance. You prefer reality over contrived. You prefer spontaneity vs. a long drawn-out script.

You don’’t want your wedding to be a scheduled rat race.

You’’re not going to stuff ten pounds of shit in a two pound bag”.

…A little profanity doesn’’t bother you.

You want to slow down your wedding day. Savor it. Enjoy it. You want to spend most of your time celebrating with your family and friends – the people who traveled from all over the world to come and see you on this, the most pivotal day of your lives.

Whether you’’re getting married at the Pritzlaff, Milwaukee Athletic Club, Whistling Straits, on a farm, in the woods, on hill, on the beach, or having a backyard BBQ, or a pig roast at a cabin in the woods; all that matters is you want to surround yourselves with your family and friends, savor your day, and Live. It. Up! You want to FREAKIN’ PARTY!

If that’’s you, and the photographs below appeal to you, then I want to be there to photograph your wedding. You’’re my kind of people, and we’re going to love each other. 

Please email me @: craig@craigjohn dot com : and let’s start talking about your wedding day.

Much love,