I'm a foodie:

Seriously. Through and through. I love vibrant small-family-farm-fresh ingredients — the colors, textures, aroma, flavor.

And I love capturing all of the that deliciousness with my camera.

Your brand:

I have more than 15 years of experience in visual branding, including a long stint with package design. I've worked with Kraft Foods, Birds Eye Foods, Miller Brewing, and Breyers Ice Cream to name a few.

Yes. Food is visual branding for your business. While there is a story to tell with each photo, my job is relatively simple:

To make your customer's mouth water.

On Set:

I love collaborating with art directors, food stylists, set stylists, and brand managers. The food shoot is my place of zen.

I do my best to keep everything fun, lighthearted and productive to capture the best possible images for my clients.

Please contact me for more details...